What we do

We offer our expertise as a service whereby we solve complex spatial problems by using spatial tools. We are also developing a number of products to efficiently execute spatial tools and models

Spatial tools


Spatial Analysis

Discover new insights in the land use in your region based on detailed spatial data, spatial indicators and analyses of current land use and spatial patterns.



What consequences do autonomous developments, policy choices and expected (international) trends have on future land use in your region?

Discover the expected and intended land use changes in your region by using spatial simulations



Where are the best locations for the development of business parks, infrastructure, energy production installations, green areas, etc…? Search for the optimal locations based on spatial optimizations. 

How we deploy our tools

  • We solve complex spatial problems by using three types of spatial tools: analyses, dynamic simulation and optimization.
  • We set up extensive spatial data to integrate data from a wide range of data sources to support our spatial tools
  • We make data and results accessible in various ways depending on the client needs
  • We apply our expertise and tools in multiple and multidisciplinary problems
  • We connect with complementary (thematic) models
  • And we cocreate new integrated models

Spatial products


Water Emission Inventory Support System




Emission Inventory Support System Air


Dynamic Energy Atlas